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Simply the Cleanest Burning Candles in the World!


This is just the right the right time!

We use 100% All Natural Soy Wax in
every one of our candles. The California
Candle's all natural wax is a new premium
wax that burns virtually 'soot free'
(no paraffin).

Please check out our Soldier's Candles.
They are awesome and for every candle
purchased, $5.00 goes to the National Veteran's Foundation.

So purchase your Soldier's Candle today and
help support the troops!


35 million Americans don't know where
their next meal will come from. Every candle
sold provides 7-10 meals for these men, women, and children.

feeding america
Feeding america

Our goal is to fill their bowls with food,
and their hearts with hope.

Help us in the Fight Against Hunger.



"Our wax is an all natural solution to meet the environmental concerns of today's consumers."


Go Green

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