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Become a Candle Consultant!

This is not multi-level marketing (MLM)

Going Through Tough Times?

Economy Got You Down?

Is It Time to Add More to Your Monthly Income?

But… with More Free Time…

We Have the Solution…

Thank You for your interest in becoming a California Candle Consultant.

Discover the Company that markets the Greenest, Cleanest burning candles in the world through Independent Consultants, Just Like You!! We have a simple home based business, with a simple compensation plan that will fit your lifestyle, that’s easy, fun and affordable…  and you can work…

Full Time or Part Time…

It’s your Choice… It’s Your Business!

You Set Your Own Hours***You Set Your Own Goals

We Have the Tools to Make You Successful!

The California Candle Company candles are “The Cutting Edge in Candles”

CLEAN   *   PURE   *   GREEN

  • 100% Natural Soy Wax (Cleanest, Greenest Burning).
  • Premium Fragrance Oils.
  • Pure Essential Oils.
  • Burn Cleaner – Virtually “Soot” Free.

Why Candles?... Well… This is Just the Right Candle… At the Right Time!

Have you noticed “Green” is the theme for everything lately… We put you right in the middle of this trend with…

   Simply the
Cleanest Burning Candles
In The World!

     Go Green

Here at The California Candle Company we understand that most people do not like to sell things. . There is no hard sell here… Let our products do the selling for you… After being in sales, marketing and management for almost thirty years, we have designed a system to assist you every step of the way, from the presentation to the sale. Would you be interested? Of course you would…

Well, that opportunity is available with The California Candle Company we have a Home Party/Company/ presentation DVD. It explains our company, product(s) and the charitable work that we do, and how your customers will help by purchasing our products. Your job is to get the products into as many hands as possible and take orders…

The bottom line is that these candles will “Sell Themselves”. So when we say   ” No Sales Experience Required”... That’s what we mean. When you market a product that is the best in its industry… one that you believe in… you will have an advantage because you will tell people about the candles with both “EMOTION” and knowledge.

So again, if you have the ability to hand this product to someone and provide information on our products (product knowledge.) then you have the ability to make money for yourself and your family.

FACT:  Candles are burned in 8 out of 10 homes in U.S. (almost 9). (The Entire Country is your market)

FACT:   Candles are “Highly” Consumable.
(When they burn them… They will “Buy” More)

FACT:   Candles are a $3 billion dollar industry.
( You have the “Best Product"-100% Natural Soy Wax...No Paraffin)

 FACT:    Candles Have Low Unit Cost.
($5.00 - $20.00 – Not High End – Affordable to Everyone)

Compensation Plan:

Simple and Easy  **  Build your “own” business.
Get paid 27% of your sales from the start… not gradually work up to it!!!
Personal Sales Commissions

           Personal Sales Volume (Monthly)

Commission Percentages

$0 - $4000


$4000 - up


*Includes all home party, Internet & Retail Sales.  Does not include Fundraising *

Fundraising:         We Keep it Simple…

The last thing you need is a complicated fundraiser so we’ve simplified the fundraising process. With our fundraising program, you earn a profit for setting up the fundraiser while the organization does all the work taking orders and delivering the product. This is a great way to make money and build your customer base at the same time for future sales and parties.

A Candle Lover’s Dream Home Based Business!!

Think about it not only will you be representing a company with the Cleanest burning candles in the world at a time when “going green” seems to be what every company and everyone is focusing on. But, having the greenest candles available at the best price is what sets this company apart from the rest…

So there you have it. You have the basic background information you need to get started.  I believe you are in the right place, at the right time, with the right company… the choice is yours.
If you’re ready now to get startedsimply fill out our online consultant application and Policies and Procedures Statement and mail the originals with signatures to:

The California Candle Company
108 McDaniel St
Lowell AR, 72745


Click link to download printable versions of:

Become A Candle Consultant

Consultant Application and Agreement

Statement of Policies and Procedures

Order Now!




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